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What is the .GSK file type?

The filename extension .gsk primarily represents the GSAK Macro (.gsk) file type used by GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife), a versatile Microsoft Windows-based geocaching tool from CWE Computer Services. Geocaching is a modern real-life treasure hunting adventure game in which cache waypoints are set through their GPS coordinates and waypoint descriptions, to be found by other people. GSAK provides its own scripting engine and supports macros. GSAK macros can be saved as both .gsk and .txt files, although the .gsk extension (introduced since GSAK 7.1) is preferred as more application-specific.

A GSAK macro (.gsk) is a regular text file that can be created and modified in a text editor. GSAK sets up its own association for the .gsk file type, making it possible to open macros (.gsk) with a double-click or drag-and-drop. The "Open a GSK file" dialog allows to install the macro, run it, or open it in the macro editor. When installed, macros (.gsk) are copied to the "Macros" subfolder of the GSAK program directory.

In the scope of the SunCast solar insolation analysis software by Integrated Environmental Solutions Limited (IES), the .gsk extension is used to denote the SunCast Geometry Files (.gsk). A .gsk file defines the geometry of a building against which insolation and shading are being analyzed. Exported using the GSK File Export feature, the SunCast geometry (.gsk) files are used to calculate shading (also, via a cloud simulation service run by IES). Existing geometry (.gsk) and shading (.shd) files can be loaded by selecting the Advanced mode in the "Load Results for Solar Analysis" window.

Software to open or convert GSK files

You can open GSK files with the following programs:
GSAK by CWE computer services
GEO5 by Fine spol. s r.o.
GSAK (Final)
GSAK (Final) by CWE computer services

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