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What is the .FOX file type?

The .fox extension belongs to the 'Furcadia Object, Extended' (FOX) file format and file type. Furcadia is a popular free-to-play multi-platform MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) by Dragon's Eye Productions with animal-like intelligent creatures as main role characters ('furries'). Furcadia uses several own-developed file formats (like FOX).

FOX is designed to store 8-bit palette-based images (a custom palette of 236 colors) used as avatar pictures and other game graphics with support for animation and color remapping. Full-color images are not recommended to be saved as .fox files as they will be reduced to the FOX palette. FOX image files are best handled with Furcadia FSH Editor.

FOX has been introduced by Furcadia to replace the older FSH, FS2 and FBJ file formats previously used by the game.

The .fox extension can also be associated with the InfoZoom proprietary compressed file format for saving 'Infoscapes' along with much additional metadata. InfoZoom is a commercial cognitive-centered feature-rich data collection and analysis solution by humanIT (a Fraunhofer Institute spin-off). InfoZoom FOX files are project-type files and are meant for sharing among InfoZoom users.

The .fox extension may still be sporadically used in old FoxBASE+ object files (FOX) created and used by the legacy dBase-like FoxBASE+ RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) that later evolved into Microsoft FoxPro (Visual FoxPro). The FoxBASE+ FOX format is long outdated and may be supported only by early versions of MS FoxPro.

Software to open or convert FOX files

You can open FOX files with the following programs:
Foxmail by 腾讯公司
Furcadia by Dragon's Eye Productions, Inc.

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