QDFT File Extension

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What is the .QDFT file type?

The .qdft filename extension is associated with the SnapForm Template (.qdft) file type and document format used by the SnapForm software. SnapForm is the name of a suite of interactive form (e-form) authoring applications (SnapForm PDF Converter, SnapForm Designer, and SnapForm Viewer), commercially available from Ringler Informatik AG on the Microsoft Windows platform.

The .qdft file is a SnapForm template. It is a SnapForm e-form document saved with the .qdft extension, to be used as a basis for new documents. The binary data inside the .qdft file is both compressed and encrypted. Such files can be opened and read using the SnapForm software tools only, with the exception of QDF/A templates whose data layer is open and saved as XML. When opened in SnapForm, a .qdft file will always generate an empty form. One can transform any regular SnapForm document (.qdf) into a template (.qdft) by ticking the option "Save Form as a Template" option in the "Save as..." dialog. Both the .qdf and .qdft file types are registered and associated with SnapForm during the latter's installation.


Software to open or convert QDFT files

You can open QDFT files with the following programs:
Snapform Viewer
Snapform Viewer by Ringler Informatik AG

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