CAT File Extension

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What is the .CAT file type?

The CAT file extension is used by the Microsoft Corporation for catalog files commonly included in the software distribution units. CAT catalogs contain a list of files included in the package and an identification number used for security purposes.

CAT files serve as a digital signature - they help verify that the downloaded files come from a trusted source and prevent numerous trust dialog popups emerging in the process of installation. It is necessary to approve just installation of the main distribution unit.

Additionally, the CAT file extension can be attributed to catalog files created in the 'Advanced Disk Catalog' application by ElcomSoft. Such CAT files are used for organizing data from various locations, including hard drives, network drives, and removable media. CAT files store a directory of files and folders and their description.

CAT files can also be part of popular Petz (Catz) game by Ubisoft Entertainment. Files with the .cat extension are used to specify the appearance and behavior of virtual Catz characters that the game players can adopt and raise.

Software to open or convert CAT files

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