CDT File Extension

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What is the .CDT file type?

The filename extension .cdt represents the CorelDRAW Document Template (.cdt) file type. The .cdt file type is associated with CorelDRAW, a commercial vector graphics creativity environment developed by Corel Corporation and made available on Microsoft Windows. Similar to other major applications, CorelDRAW employs the concept of templates to facilitate creation of new documents. CorelDRAW templates are saved as .cdt files, with the .cdt file type pre-associated with the software during its initial installation.

A .cdt file is a template of a CorelDRAW drawing. It remembers multiple document-level settings that are applied all at once when the .cdt template file is loaded. Internally, each .cdt file is a regular ZIP archive with predetermined contents (links.xml, the metadata folder, etc.). The default CorelDRAW template (.cdt) that applies to all new documents, unless a different template is selected, is named CorelDRAW.cdt and located in the %AppData%\Roaming\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite ..\Draw folder. If corrupted, the CorelDRAW.cdt can be safely deleted, as it will automatically be recreated.


Software to open or convert CDT files

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