GRN File Extension

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What is the .GRN file type?

The primary association of the .grn extension lies with the proprietary 'Granny 3D Model, Version 1' (GRN) file format and type. Granny 3D is a powerful commercial 3D modeling and animation system by RAD Game Tools professionally used in 3D game development on different platforms. There are two versions of the Granny 3D model format, the older (GRN) and the newer (GR2).

A .grn file is a compiled binary file with all data representing a Granny 3D model and/or animation (including 3D meshes, applied textures and skeletal 'bones'). GRN model files can be opened and viewed with Granny 3D Viewer available from RAD Game Tools. However, full-scale editing of .grn model files requires the use of highly-specialized development tools (e.g., Granny 3D SDK).

With the use of a converter utility, GRN models can also be converted into GR2. Besides, there are third-party tools to view/extract data from .grn files.

Quite differently, the .grn extension is also used by the Australian Bridge Federation (ABF) as an abbreviation of 'green' to denote award files specifically for green masterpoints (.grn). ABF uses award files to gather scoring results registered by various bridge clubs in the country. A .grn green-point award file is a plaintext file with a series of 13- or 19-digit numerical lines that represent ABF numbers matched against scored values. Besides green (.grn), red (.red) and gold (.gld) award files are used by ABF.

Alternatively, the .grn extension can be used in Green UML diagram files (.grn) that are plaintext XML files created and used by Green UML, an open-source UML (Unified Modeling Language) editing plugin by the University at Buffalo, NY for the IBM Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE).

Software to open or convert GRN files

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