XML File Extension

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What is the .XML file type?

The .xml extension stands for 'Extensible Markup Language' (XML) and is appended to any plaintext files that contain text structured with XML markup.

XML is a W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)-recommended framework for defining definitions, i.e. the language to define languages. XML offers general syntax that allows creation of any custom markup language (an XML schema). XML evolved from HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and has a much wider application range. XML is used by a large variety of applications, web sites, operating systems etc.

An .xml file is a plaintext human-readable file that contains a hierarchically structured text marked up with XML tags. Each application or operating system may develop and use its own XML tagging schema, i.e. a custom XML-based markup language.

While any .xml file can be opened with a text editor, it will have a view of the XML markup, tags included (similar to the HTML source view). In most cases, XML files are not meant to be opened directly but rather be parsed by a compliant parser to accordingly present the contained data.

Software to open or convert XML files

You can open XML files with the following programs: 

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