CHM File Extension

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What is the .CHM file type?

The .chm filename extension is associated with the Compressed, or Compiled HTML (CHM) file format and type. CHM is a Windows-specific format, developed by Microsoft and previously intended as a single standard format for Microsoft Windows help files. CHM retains its legacy status, having given way to the newer MAML format.

A .chm file is a help or e-book file in the CHM format. The file contains a set of HTML pages, hierarchically interconnected with an index and cross-referencing hyperlinks. CHM files use the LZX compression algorithm. All valid .chm files have the "ITSF" signature in their header.

CHM files downloaded from the Internet or supplied with third-party applications will often fail to open properly on Microsoft Windows (Vista and later), as they are blocked by the Windows security system by default. To open such a blocked .chm file, one has to "unblock" it in the file's properties ("Properties"–"General"–"Unblock").

Beside the native support in Windows (since Windows 98/NT), there are also multiple Windows and non-Windows tools that can open CHM files and display, edit, or convert their contents.

Software to open or convert CHM files

You can open CHM files with the following programs: 

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