PXC File Extension

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What is the .PXC file type?

Primarily, the .pxc filename extension belongs to the Photodex Cache File (PXC) file type/format. Photodex is the developer of Photodex ProShow, a commercial slide show authoring tool for Microsoft Windows (ProShow Gold, ProShow Producer) and a web-based online service (ProShow Web).

A .pxc file is a temporary cache file created automatically for a Photodex ProShow slide show (.psh). It is always located in the same directory with the slide show file, along with its backup copies (.bak, .b01, etc.). A .pxc cache file contains various data drawn from the main show file and used to speed up access and rendering, updated every time the main file is changed. However, a .pxc file is not a copy or representation of a ProShow slide show and cannot be opened or played in its stead.

Any PXC cache file is completely safe to delete, as it serves internal caching purposes and will be re-created next time the actual slide show file (.psh) is opened. Deleting .pxc files is recommended to fix playback or loading issues. Photodex ProShow does not create any associations with the PXC file type, but uses it internally.

With reference to PxPlus, a programming language and runtime environment for business-oriented web applications by Pvx Plus Technologies Ltd., the .pxc extension is assigned to remotely callable subprograms (.pxc). A PxPlus callable subprogram is a text file with PxPlus source code that can be executed via a remote call processed by the host HTTP server (Apache only).

Additionally, the .pxc extension is used in association with the Matrikon OPC Server Configuration File (PXC) file type/format. The commercial OPC (OLE for Process Control) server software Matrikon OPC Server by Honeywell International (formerly, Matrikon) uses .pxc files in the native PXC format to store its configuration settings. PXC configuration files are used in addition to XML-based ones.

Software to open or convert PXC files

You can open PXC files with the following programs:
ProShow Producer
ProShow Producer by Photodex Corporation
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
Photodex ProShow Producer
Photodex ProShow Producer by Photodex Corporation

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