CIW File Extension

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What is the .CIW file type?

The .ciw filename extension represents the Web of Science Bibliographic Reference (.ciw) file type. Web of Science (WoS, formerly, ISI Web of Knowledge) is an authoritative online bibliographic reference system and search engine for scientific works, currently run by Clarivate Analytics (formerly, the IP & Science division of Thomson Reuters). WoS citations are provided in the ISI-CE (ISI Common Export) format, adopted as a standard for WoS and readable in Clarivate Analytics' bibliographic reference management software named EndNote.

A .ciw file is a WoS bibliographic citation saved in the ISI-CE format. Such citations (.ciw) are generated by selecting the Save to EndNote Desktop option in the WoS web-driven user interface, and passed to the browser to be saved locally in the default download directory. In most browsers, the .ciw file is automatically opened in its associated application (EndNote). Alternatively, it must be opened in EndNote manually using the ISI-CE import filter freely available from Clarivate Analytics. EndNote associates itself with the .ciw file type during installation.


Software to open or convert CIW files

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