XWAV File Extension

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What is the .XWAV file type?

The .xwav filename extension is associated with the IMA ADPCM audio codec and denotes the IMA ADPCM Audio File (.xwav) file type. Developed by the Interactive Multimedia Association (IMA), the ADPCM (Adaptive Differential PCM) codec is an efficient (16 bits are compressed to 4 bits), fast, and lightweight audio compression method specially designed for entertainment systems. In particular, IMA ADPCM codec is widely used in games on Microsoft's Xbox gaming platform.

The .xwav file is a waveform audio file encoded with the IMA ADPCM codec. Usually originating from various Xbox games, such files (.xwav) can be opened, decoded, and played by several general-purpose multimedia players using ADPCM plugins such as vgmstream. In Xbox games, the IMA ADPCM audio files are packaged into resource containers which may bear different extensions depending on the game. Thanks to a multitude of unofficial tools, audio streams can be extracted from such containers and saved as standalone IMA ADPCM wave files with the .xwav extension.


Software to open or convert XWAV files

You can open XWAV files with the following programs:
Winamp by Nullsoft, Inc
Chipamp by OverClocked ReMix

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