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What is the .RPD file type?

The filename extension .rpd primarily denotes the RIB iTWO Project Database (.rpd) file type associated with RIB iTWO, a premium commercial Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution from RIB Software AG. RIB iTWO is an enterprise-level product intended for civil engineering professionals and contractors. In the scope of RIB iTWO, the .rpd extension is assigned to project databases. A RIB iTWO project database (.rpd) is a binary container that uses a proprietary ObjectStore format licensed from ObjectStore, Inc. to store all of the project's data in a single file. In addition to project database (.rpd) files, project archives (.rpa) are used within the RIB iTWO environment to backup or transfer entire projects.

The .rpd extension also represents the Altera EPCS Configuration Data (.rpd) file type, with reference to the Raw Programming Data (RPD) binary format developed by the Altera Corporation. Generated from a Programmer Object (.pof) file, the .rpd file contains raw binary data to be transferred to an Altera Serial Configuration (EPCS) device, matching the device's memory size. Such .rpd files are used to program Altera EPCS serial configuration devices using Altera's Quartus II circuit design and programming software, or similar tools.

The .rpd extension is also known for its association with the Rpv Printing System and Rpv Business Reports software (legacy) previously developed for Microsoft Windows by Dasp Software. An .rpd file would display as the Rpv Data File (.rpd), being a regular text document with a number of @-prefixed statements, providing initial data for an Rpv template (.rpv), also text-based. Both .rpd and .rpv files were used together to generate print report using the above Rpv software.

With reference to the discontinued Rolepay Designer collaborative e-learning solution from Hand Software, the .rdp extension represented the Roleplay Designer Training Scenario (.rdp) file type. In binary form, the .rdp file would define the structure of a Roleplay Designer training session, basing on preprogrammed decisions.

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