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What is the .CONTACT file type?

Quite self-explicably, the filename extension .contact represents the Windows Contact File (.contact) file type that was introduced with Windows Contacts. Windows Contacts is a Windows component that replaced Windows Address Book (WAB) and was used in several generations of the Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8). Windows Contacts uses an XML file format (.contact) to store contact information.

A .contact file combines a person's contact information in way that is directly readable in Windows Contacts. Each .contact file is an XML document that provides a structured storage for the contact information and serialized bitmap graphics, if any. Such contacts are normally stored in the %UserProfile%\Contacts folder. Thanks to the Windows Contacts component, CONTACT files are natively and directly accessible throughout the Microsoft Windows desktop environment. A double-click on a .contact file opens a dedicated contact view and edit dialog, with options to review all individual contact details and import digital ID's as well as insert notes or add/change the contact's picture.


Software to open or convert CONTACT files

You can open CONTACT files with the following programs:
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Mail by Microsoft Corporation
Почта Windows Live
Почта Windows Live by Microsoft Corporation

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