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What is the .VRO file type?

The .vro filename extension stands for the DVD-VR Video File (.vro) file type and format. DVD-VR is an extension of the DVD standard implemented in digital camcorders (Mini-DVD) and PVR systems.

On a DVD-VR disk, there is a single .vro file called "VR_MOVIE.vro" in the "DVD_RTAV" directory. This .vro file is an MPEG-2 container for audio and video streams, similar to VOB files on a DVD. Roughly, one .vro file corresponds to multiple .vob files, containing all the video at once. Metadata and clip navigation markers are saved in a separate file ("VR_MANGR.IFO").

To be recognized by DVD players, each DVD-VR disk recorded on a camcorder has to be finalized. VRO playback is supported in several multimedia players. Some video editing tools or players would not recognize the .vro file type, which can be alleviated by changing the extension to .mpg. To edit a VRO video file, one option is to convert it to the standard DV-AVI format, albeit with a slight quality loss. Encrypted .vro files recorded on certain PVR systems (esp., in Japan) cannot be converted or played on a different device.

Software to open or convert VRO files

You can open VRO files with the following programs:
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
CyberLink Power Media Player
CyberLink Power Media Player by CyberLink Corp.
CyberLink PowerDVD
CyberLink PowerDVD by CyberLink Corp.
Acer Video Player
Acer Video Player by Acer Incorporated

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