ACESTREAM File Extension

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What is the .ACESTREAM file type?

Associated with the AceStream Media File (.acestream) file type, the filename extension .acestream was introduced by the AceStream multimedia content delivery platform. AceStream is based on using distributed peer-to-peer (P2P) connectivity to provide live streaming and AVoD (Audio/Video on Demand) access to online multimedia content via the BitTorrent protocol. In addition to its other features, the AceStream engine uses so-called transport files. Created by the AceStream engine in the command-line interface using the "--create-transport" switch, transport files are saved with the .acestream extension and serve as pointers to a remote or locally hosted BitTorrent resource. An AceStream transport file (.acestream) can have certain access restriction and copy protection features enabled, if appropriate options were supplied to the engine at the time of its creation. Internally, such .acestream files use a binary format readable by the AceStream plugins and the VLC-based Ace Player. During installation on Microsoft Windows, AceStream registers the .acestream file type and associates itself with it.

Software to open or convert ACESTREAM files

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