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What is the .XMP file type?

The .xmp extension is an acronym for 'Extensible Metadata Platform' (XMP) and is used to distinguish metadata files in the XMP format. XMP has been developed and introduced by Adobe, Inc. and is an ISO standard. XMP basically allows metadata interchange between different applications, and is extensible to include possible future extensions.

XMP files are plaintext files with metadata information recorded via an XML-style serialization. XMP metadata blocks can be saved separately in so called 'sidecar' .xmp files, or embedded into files of any kind (most often, image files like JPG, TIFF, PSD etc.). XMP can be viewed directly with any text editor, however, they render meaning only in an XMP-enabled application. XMP metadata can be imported and/or used as a template.

XMP metadata files are meant to accompany original data files and be used in connection with them, e.g. to store editing states without changing the original files. In most cases, .xmp files would be generated automatically (if allowed with user preferences). There is no default association for the .xmp extension in Windows.

Alternatively, the .xmp extension can be associated with the XMind Marker Package (XMP) format used with XMind, an open-source mind-mapping and personal productivity software product and online service. XMP markers are used to graphically mark task statuses, indicate key points etc. on a mind-map.

Software to open or convert XMP files

You can open XMP files with the following programs:
XMind by XMind Ltd.
XMind 8 Update
XMind 8 Update by XMind Ltd.
XMind 7 (Update 1)
XMind 7 (Update 1) by XMind Ltd.
XMind 7.5 Update
XMind 7.5 Update by XMind Ltd.

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