CRX File Extension

Have a problem opening a .CRX file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what CRX files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .CRX file type?

Files with the CRX filename extension are plug-in files for Google Chrome web browser. They are used to install additional applications or software updates to enrich the functionality of Google Chrome or customize its interface according to the users' preferences. For example, you can add browser games, weather forecasts or such interactive functions as ad blockers.

You can find numerous free and paid Google Chrome add-ons saved in the CRX file format in the Chrome Web Store. A .crx file basically represents a small code or program stored in a zip archive package. The compressed form and therefore a lighter file size make it easier to distribute CRX files over the Web.

When you open and run a .crx file, Google Chrome installs the extension automatically. However, if you need to view or modify the scripts or source code inside a CRX file rather than installing the add-on to your browser or if the installation doesn't work properly, you can take advantage of online utilities capable of working with archive formats.

Software to open or convert CRX files

You can open CRX files with the following programs:
Yandex by ООО «ЯНДЕКС»
UC Browser
UC Browser by UCWeb Inc.
Yandex by Yandex

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