HDMOV File Extension

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What is the .HDMOV file type?

The filename extension .hdmov denotes the QuickTime HD Video (.hdmov) file type, augmenting the much more common QuickTime Video (.mov, .qt) file type associated with QuickTime, Apple's proprietary multimedia framework. Older versions of QuickTime for Windows suffered from serious performance issues caused by not using any hardware acceleration or CPU optimization features when dealing with computationally demanding HD video content. The use of the .hdmov extension instead of the default .mov specifically for QuickTime HD video files was a workaround to mitigate such issues by forcing multimedia players to use an alternative codec like CoreAVC for decoding, thus getting smooth playback and optimal performance.

An .hdmov file is a QuitckTime video file in HD (High Definition) quality. Like other QuickTime files (.mov, etc.), .hdmov files use the QuickTime File Format (QTFF) as a container for their encoded multimedia content. On Microsoft Windows, many multimedia players are configured to open and play Quitcktime HD videos (.hdmov) using DirectShow filters and DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA), without reliance on QuickTime native codecs, even if present.


Software to open or convert HDMOV files

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