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What is the .MSF file type?

The key association of the .msf filename extension belongs to the Mail Summary File (.msf) file type and the Mork file format. Mork is a text-based database-like format invented by D.McCusker of the former Netscape (later, Mozilla). Initially, Mork was used in all Mozilla software, to be gradually phased out by a more coherent and up-to-date format, MozStorage. Now, Mork is mainly used in Mozilla Thunderbird for mailbox folder and address book indexing.

The .msf file is a mailbox folder index. It is a Mork text file that can be directly opened in a text editor, but is not human-readable. Such MSF files can be found in Mozilla Thunderbird's mail directories, one per each mailbox folder file (e.g., "sent.msf" is an index for the "sent" folder). When an .msf index is damaged, Thunderbird may exhibit problems accessing the affected mailbox folder. In that case, the .msf file in question should be deleted manually from its location, as the mailbox will be re-indexed automatically and the .msf file restored next time Thunderbird is launched.

Miranda IM, an open-source instant messaging client for Microsoft Windows, uses the .msf extension for its Miranda IM Skin File (.msf) file type. While Miranda IM's entire GUI is not skinnable, the client still allows to apply visual skins to its contact list. The .msf file type designates the 'Modern' skin style. The .msf file is a simple text file in which background PNG images stored in a companion folder are tied up with certain GUI elements to create a different contact list look. MSF skins are put into the "Program Files\Miranda IM\Skins" directory.

With reference to Altera Quartus II, an advanced FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) semiconductor device design and programming environment from Altera Corp., the .msf extension denotes the Mask Settings File (.msf) file type/format. The .msf file defines a mask for a partial reconfiguration (PR) area in an FPGA design. Such MSF files are meant to be used as source in the Convert Programming Files dialog of the Quartus II software.

Another association of the .msf extension belongs to the Machine Signature File (.msf) file type and format used in the context of the commercial database server solution PI Server from OSIsoft. To run, PI Server requires a valid, activated license (pilicense.dat) generated against an .msf file that uniquely identifies the user's computer. MSF files are created locally using the Machine Signature File Generator tool and submitted to OSIsoft for PI Server license issuance or renewal.

The .msf extension is also assigned to data files with analysis results obtained from Thermo mass spectrometry instruments on the Proteome Discoverer platform and saved in a binary format. Such .msf data files can be imported in the PRIDE (Proteomics Identifications) database, using the PRIDE Converter 2 tool.

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