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What is the .CSC file type?

The .csc filename extension is primarily associated with the Corel Script (.csc) file type used by the proprietary vector graphics manipulation software CorelDRAW by Corel Corporation. Corel Script was an interpreted programming language used in older CorelDRAW versions (6 to 9) to automate editing actions and replaced with VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) since CorelDRAW 10. The .csc file is a Corel Script file. Basically, it is a text document containing source code of a Corel Script or VBA program or macro, created and intended for execution within the environment of the CorelDRAW suite. Any Corel Script (.csc) file can be reviewed and modified in a text editor. Although Corel Script editing tools such as Corel Script Editor are no longer present since CorelDRAW 10, the Corel Script engine is retained to ensure compatibility with legacy scripts (.csc).

Besides, the .csc extension is associated with the GTA V Cell Script Container (.csc) file type/format used in GTA (Grand Theft Auto) V, a violence video game developed by Rockstar Games and released for several gaming platforms such as Xbox and Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3). In the PS3 version of GTA V, .csc files serve as compressed and encrypted containers for pre-programmed action scripts, compiled in byte code for execution by the game's virtual machine. On Xbox, script container files bear the .xsc extension. Both .xsc and .csc files became a modding target, with several unofficial tools developed by the GTA V modding community to manipulate the script container format.

In CS-Script, an open-source C♯ CLR (Common Language Runtime) scripting engine by O.Shilo, the .csc extension is used to denote the CS-Script Compiled Script (.csc) file type/format. Here, the .csc file represents a CS-Script script, compiled into a binary assembly. Running compiled (.csc) vs. uncompiled (.cs) scripts gives a considerable performance gain, but requires additional time for compiling. Internally, any such compiled script (.csc) is a Microsoft Windows shared-library executable that usually can run in the same environment that it was compiled in.

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