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What is the .C file type?

The main association of the .c filename extension belongs to the C/C++ Source Code (C) file type. C is one of the oldest and most famed programming languages (UNIX was written completely in C), while C++ has been a major advancement over the classics of C-programming. With C++, many advanced features like object-oriented programming, generic-programming paradigm, modularity, etc. were added.

A .c file is a text-based file that contains C/C++ source code, properly formatted, and typically with extensive comments. Any .c file can be viewed as text, and such .c files are usually written and edited directly with text editors that offer syntax-highlighting features.

A C/C++ programming project may include multiple .c files, which often are paired with their respective header files (.h). In order to obtain executable object code, all .c source-code files must be compiled for the desired target architecture by a suitable compiler.

Conventionally, the .c extension also denotes source-code files in other C/C++-like languages, like Objective-C (Apple), C♯ (Microsoft), etc.

Besides, the .c extension also serves to denote source-code files in the Lite-C programming language, associating with the Lite-C Source Code (C) file type. Based upon the C/C++ syntax, Lite-C was developed (Atari/Conitec) specifically for creating 3D games and multimedia applications for MS Windows, with a large package of game- and multimedia-specific objects added.

A Lite-C source-code file (.c) is a plaintext file with a set of instructions in the Lite-C syntax. Lite-C programs in .c files must be properly compiled, before they can run.

Software to open or convert C files

You can open C files with the following programs:
Dev-C++ by Bloodshed Software
CodeBlocks by The Code::Blocks Team
Atmel Studio
Atmel Studio by Atmel

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