WPS File Extension

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What is the .WPS file type?

The .wps extension belongs to the proprietary Microsoft (MS) Works word-processor (WPS) file format and file type. WPS was mainly used to store formatted text documents within Microsoft (MS) Works. Being once the default in early versions of this office suite, WPS was eventually completely replaced with DOC (DOCX).

A .wps file is a legacy MS Works word-processor file. WPS files are natively supported only by MS Works, a deprecated office suite. Although similar to the MS Word DOC format, WPS does not allow for advanced formatting and is not compatible with MS Office.

An .wps document can be converted with a free MS Works converter for MS Office (separately installable) provided by MS, and there are several independent WPS converter tools and libraries available.

Any support of the WPS format has been discontinued by MS since 2006, so WPS files should be considered a legacy to be converted into a more recent format. General advice would be to discontinue any use of the WPS format due to its obscurity and lack of support.

Software to open or convert WPS files

You can open WPS files with the following programs: 

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