CSI File Extension

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What is the .CSI file type?

The CSI extension refers to Configuration Files used in Adobe Contribute, a popular program for creating and publishing website content. CSI files store website's configuration specifies such as the information about the website administrator, alternative URLs or backup versions.

The .csi extension can also be associated with ContentServ Include files. They are used to store source code elements such as variables or functions. The Include files with the .csi extension can be referenced by other files within the ContentServ Enterprise Marketing Management System Suit.

CSI files can also represent program files created with the EdLog programming tool used to create/edit LoggerNet datalogger support software. Any saved Edlog program gets the .csi extension. Although these CSI files contain plaintext, it is not recommended to modify them with a text editor to avoid errors in Edlog.

The CSI file extension can also be assigned to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 temporary files created during the process of backup, upgrade or import/export. These CSI files are located in the same folder as the backup files and can be deleted over time.

Software to open or convert CSI files

You can open CSI files with the following programs:
Sage 50 Accounting
Sage 50 Accounting by Sage Software
Sage 50 Accounting Version
Sage 50 Comptabilité
Sage 50 Comptabilité by Sage Software
Sage 50 Accounting Component
Simply Accounting by Sage
Simply Accounting by Sage by Sage Software

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