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What is the .TIR file type?

The primary association of the .tir extension goes with the TuneIn Recording (TIR) file format and the respective TIR file type. TuneIn is a popular online content-delivery service that offers localized audio broadcasts in multiple languages and formats. TuneIn provides free and paid (TuneIn Pro) client applications for mobile devices, TV's, and multimedia car systems.

TuneIn clients allow to record any broadcast and save recorded files for future personal use. As a copy-protection measure, such recorded files are saved in the proprietary TIR format, making it impossible to open and play TuneIn .tir files outside TuneIn clients.

However, older versions of the Android TuneIn client application saved recordings in the original format of the broadcast, and some .tir files could/can be played back with third-party players, provided the extension is changed to match the original broadcast format.

In the automotive industry, the .tir extension is associated with the Tire Property File (TIR) file type. TIR files are used to store property information for automotive tires such as radius, stiffness, rolling resistance, friction, etc. A .tir file is a plaintext file with tire property information listed, following one of the established tire model formats (TNO Tire, COSIN FTire and others).

Part of the Standard Tire Interface (STI), TIR files are used by tire and car manufacturers as well as safety experts to describe tire behavior within complex dynamic vehicle-road models.

With reference to the Testo IRSoft software, the .tir extension denotes the Testo Infrared Report (TIR) file format and type. Testo manufactures IR imaging scanners, and IRSoft is used to process the obtained thermographical data. TIR is an XML-based format, and a .tir file is a ZIP archive with the main XML file and associated IR images and other resources inside. TIR files can be opened as report projects with IRSoft, or as ZIP archives with any archive manager.

Lastly, the .tir extension can also be encountered in association with data files created and used by TicketCreator, a versatile commercial application by J.Lutz to design and produce admission tickets for various events. TicketCreator uses plaintext .tir files as layout definition files for event locations (e.g., theaters, clubs, halls, etc.).

Software to open or convert TIR files

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