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What is the .TPS file type?

The primary association of the .tps extension belongs to the Clarion TopSpeed Database (TPS) file format and type. Clarion is the name of a high-level database programming language and a set of commercial Rapid Application Development (RAD) and database management tools by SoftVelocity.

A .tps file is a Clarion TopSpeed database. It is a binary file that is intended to be used as database storage in conjunction with the Clarion software. Since many applications rely on Clarion databasing, .tps files may be used to store such applications' data. TPS database files can have password protection.

As TPS is a proprietary format, SoftVelocity offers a commercial ODBC driver to connect to TPS databases and embed Clarion database functionality in applications. Apart from that, there are several unofficial tools to extract data from .tps databases, based on reverse-engineering of the TPS format.

Another occurrence of the .tps extension relates to temporary PostScript (TPS) files automatically created by Adobe FrameMaker, a document processor and desktop publishing tool by Adobe, in the process of PDF output using Adobe Distiller. A .tps file is a temporary intermediary file that serves as a PDF source. TPS files are normally deleted right after the successful PDF creation. Older FrameMaker versions (7.2) have a well-known issue of leftover TPS files that was resolved in later releases.

The .tps extension also relates to the Bryce Tree Shape Preset (TPS) file type and format. Bryce is a proprietary 3D modeling software by DAZ 3D, focusing on realistic fractal-based mountain and shoreline landscapes. In Bryce, .tps files are used to store pre-made shapes of various trees that can be used to generate orchards, forests, glades, etc. within a Bryce landscape. Tree shape files (.tps) must be located in the "Presets\Treeshapes\Installed" directory of the Bryce installation folder.

Additionally, the .tps extension is associated with the TiePie Settings File (TPS) file type/format. TiePie Engineering is the developer of the Multi Channel oscilloscope and multimeter software, in the scope of which .tps files are used to store desktop and instrumentation settings. TPS is a proprietary format, but .tps files can be (batch-)converted to several other formats (CSV, MAT), using a built-in Multi Channel capability.

Besides, the .tps extension is also bound up with the TexturePacker Spritesheet (TPS) file type and format. TexturePacker is a handy commercial tool for making spritesheets, i.e. large images that contain assortments of smaller bitmap sprites or textures chiefly used in 2D games and GUI's. With TexturePacker, a .tps file is a spritesheet project that can be saved and later re-opened for editing. Production spritesheets can be exported in several formats.

Lastly, the .tps extension also can stand for the Thin-Plate Spline (TPS) file type/format. A TPS file is a regular text file that contains coordinates of landmarks placed over an image. TPS files are often used to store morphometric data obtained from biological organisms, physical bodies, and other objects. The TPS format is supported by many morphometrics programs.

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