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What is the .IDE file type?

The .ide file extension is associated with Borland C++ Compiler and refers to project files used to help software developers in creation of their programming projects. IDE files contain configuration settings defined using the Target Expert wizard in the Integrated Development Environment. When compiled, an IDE project is converted into an .exe file, a .dll file, or a module.

Alternatively, the .ide file extension may define an Autodesk Inventor iFeature file (formerly known as an Inventor Design Element or IDE). The program allows users to save an existing feature or a set of features into a separate file with the .ide extension for its use in future. It also possible to share Autodesk Inventor's IDE files on the Internet with other users.

In addition, IDE files are also used in the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) video game developed by Rockstar North. They represent item definition files used to specify various map system aspects and their behavior rules. GTA's files containing the .ide extension are presented in a plaintext format, so it is possible to open and edit their contents in any available text editing application.

Software to open or convert IDE files

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