CTF File Extension

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What is the .CTF file type?

The CTF file extension defines the update control files used by AVG anti-virus software. These files are designed to support the AVG's Auto Update feature and download new updates and patches when they are released. A CTF file contains all necessary data required for the software update, including the number of the version, date and time, and a server address.

The CTF file format is also used by Where Is It? cataloging software written for Windows OS. These CTF files contain a catalog of a user's computer media collection - hard drives, CD-ROMs, DVDs, audio CDs, USB drives, remote file servers, and other media devices.

In addition, CTF files are also associated with CoffeeCup HTML code editor designed to help users build their own sites. In this case, CTF files store users' tables for HTML documents created within the Visual Editor.

The CTF file extension can also refer to Roxio Photo Album application (now discontinued) used to store and organize photos taken with digital cameras. The program used this file extension to define compressed TIFF files.

Software to open or convert CTF files

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