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What is the .WBS file type?

The primary association of the .wbs filename extension belongs to the WYSIWYG Web Builder Site (.wbs) file type and format. WYSIWYG Web Builder is a commercial What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) web site authoring tool (Microsoft Windows) by Pablo Software Solutions.

A .wbs file is web site project created with WYSIWYG Web Builder. It a single-file compressed container that stores all of the site's pages, graphics, settings, layouts, and other site-specific data inside. WBS is a proprietary format that can be read by the WYSIWYG Web Builder only. Such .wbs files are development-time files, and any actual site is published as a set of .htm(l), .php, .css, and other files within a directory tree.

WBS site projects created and saved with a pirated copy of WYSIWYG Web Builder may become corrupted and fail to open in a licensed copy of the editor. The "Documents\WYSIWYG Web Builder" folder is the default location of .wbs site projects.

Alternatively, the .wbs extension stands for the WBS Chart Pro Chart File (.wbs) file type/format used with WBS Chart Pro, a commercial project management tool by Critical Tools, Inc. for Microsoft Windows. Usable in conjunction with Microsoft Project, WBS Chart Pro allows to create and visualize Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) charts. A .wbs file is such a WBS chart create with WBS Chart Pro. WBS is a text-based XML format.

Another occurrence of the .wbs extension has to do with the Content Matrix Console – Web Edition Project (.wbs) file type and format. Content Matrix Console – Web Edition (CMC-WE) by Metalogix is a content management tool focused on web site content migration to enterprise-level Microsoft SharePoint systems. Here, a .wbs file is a CMC-WE project, saved in a proprietary format. In CMC-WE, WBS project files are connected to, rather than opened, and involve workspaces.

Besides, the .wbs extension also represents the Voyager Weight and Balance File (.wbs) file type/format used with Voyager, a comprehensive civil flight planning and control software by Seattle Avionics. With reference to Voyager, a .wbs file stores aircraft weight and balance data that are taken into account during flight planning.

Software to open or convert WBS files

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