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What is the .DGR file type?

The primary association of the .dgr extension belongs to the Duomatic Arcade Resource Package (.dgr) file format and type. Duomatic is the trademark of hardware arcade slot machines, and also the name of slot-machine simulation software. Duomatic software does not emulate arcade slot machines, but visually simulates their behavior.

DGR is a proprietary container format used by the Duomatic slot-machine simulation software. A .dgr file contains images, sounds, and other resource files that constitute a slot game, all compressed with the open zlib library. Each .dgr file represents a different slot game title (Fruit Twist, Calligula, Fairy Land 5, Super Garage, etc.), all run by the same engine.

There are several independent utilities (such as DGeditor) that allow extracting images and sounds from DGR resource packs and packaging them back.

Besides, the .dgr extension also serves to identify the Arena Output Analyzer Data Group (DGR) file type/format. With Arena, a powerful statistical analysis software package by Rockwell, .dgr files are used to store data groups for the Output Analyzer tool. A .dgr file contains references to .dat data files included in a particular group.

With reference to Autodesk 3ds Max, a renowned poweful 3D modeling tool by Autodesk and a de facto standard in professional 3D modeling and animation, the .dgr extension identifies gradient files. In 3ds Max, a gradient file (.dgr) holds definition of continuous color changes over a certain area or shape. Such .dgr files are used to save/load custom gradient patterns.

Alternatively, the .dgr extension can denote the outdated Microsoft Outlook Express Fax Page (DGR) file type/format. MS Outlook Express (MSOE) is a legacy e-mail and newsgroup client application shipped with the older versions of MS Windows, and DGR is the proprietary format for fax pages used by MSOE.

A very specific occurrence of the .dgr extension is related to project files created with a free tool, available from the Russian Federal Tax Service for preparation of official company registration paperwork. Such .dgr project files are used to temporarily save data already entered, before an entire registration application is published/submitted as XML.

Software to open or convert DGR files

You can open DGR files with the following programs:
Arena by Rockwell Automation, Inc.
Das Postleitzahlen-Diagramm
Das Postleitzahlen-Diagramm by Klaus Wessiepe, Softwareentwicklung und Vertrieb

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