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What is the .TKA file type?

The .tka filename extension belongs to the file type TK-Bill Archive (TK-Bill Auslagerung, .tka) used by the TK-Bill component of the TK-Soft software package from AGFEO, a major German telecommunications provider. TK-Soft is a discontinued, yet still officially available for download, toolkit for AGFEO's older ISDN PBX phone appliances (e.g., AC 16 WebPhonie). TK-Bill allows to log both outgoing and incoming calls and estimate their cost basing on the provider's charges information.

To reduce the size of a phone call log, TK-Bill offers an archiving option, through which selected records can be removed from the current log (Erfassung, .tkb) and placed in a separate archived database file (.tka). Such TK-Bill archives (Auslagerungen) can be opened in TK-Bill only. The successors of TK-Soft, AGFEO's TK-Suite and TK-Suite Professional use a web-based server-client approach and provide no support for legacy formats such as .tka.

Alternatively, the .tka extension designates the CANBERRA Programmer's Toolkit file format (.tka) used for saving nuclear measurement spectrum data in the scope of the Software Development Kit (SDK) by CANBERRA Industries Inc. The .tka file contains particle counts as registered by a radiation detector. Such files can only be meaningfully opened and processed using special nuclear physics-oriented software.

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