DCDX File Extension

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What is the .DCDX file type?

The filename extension .dcdx belongs to the DVD Chief XML Database (.dcdx) file type associated with DVD Chief. DVD Chief is a Microsoft Windows application developed by Atis Software and distributed on a paid basis as a DVD/Blu-Ray media organizer that fetches movie synopses and other related information from the Internet. By default, DVD Chief saves its movie databases as .dcd files, using its own compound binary/text format. Additionally, DVD Chief databases can be saved in compressed (.dcdz) or XML (.dcdx) form.

A .dcdx file is an XML version of a DVD Chief movie database. It is a normal XML document providing a hierarchically structured tree of movie entries that include synopsis texts as well as URL links for cover art, actors' photos, etc. provided by IMBD or other online movie catalogs. The contents of a .dcdx file can be easily reviewed in any text editor. DCDX files can be opened in DVD Chief the same way as its regular databases (.dcd). In the process of installation, DVD Chief registers its own file types (.dcd, .dcdz, and .dcdx) and associates them with itself, so any .dcdx file can be opened in DVD Chief simply with a double-click.


Software to open or convert DCDX files

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