DCV File Extension

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What is the .DCV file type?

The .dcv file extension is associated with the DriveCrypt Encrypted Volume (.dcv) file type and format used in DriveCrypt, a full disk encryption tool developed by SecurStar GmbH to protect digital data stored on Windows-based laptops, desktop PCs and other computer media. Using a large pool of proven cryptographic algorithms such as AES 256 (by default), DriveCrypt allows encrypting sensitive data on the fly and mounting it later as a virtual drive.

A .dcv file is an encrypted container created in DriveCrypt and storing either a file, a folder or an entire partition of a user's hard drive. To provide more security, such DCV containers don't have any file header indicating their file type and may store an additional secret volume hidden in their unused sector. DCV files are completely unreadable without knowing the correct password or a set of passwords used in the moment of their creation. The DCV file type is automatically associated with the DriveCrypt tool during its installation, so .dcv files can be opened with a double click.


Software to open or convert DCV files

You can open DCV files with the following programs:
DriveCrypt by SecurStar GmbH
DriveCrypt by SecurStar
CDisplayEx by Progdigy Software S.A.R.L.
SAS4000 Utilities 3_16_018
SAS4000 Utilities 3_16_018 by ABEM Instrument AB

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