CDR File Extension

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What is the .CDR file type?

The .cdr filename extension serves to denote the proprietary Corel Draw (CDR) vector graphics format and file type. CDR was introduced and is used in connection with Corel Draw, a popular commercial vector graphics editing product for Microsoft (MS) Windows by Corel Corporation.

A .cdr file is a vector graphics project file created by Corel Draw. A CDR file functions as a container with vector graphics stored alongside raster images and text data, allowing embedding font data, raster images, overlays etc., supports multi-page documents and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) macros.

Although CDR files are fully supported by Corel software only, many other vector graphic editors as well as office suites offer different levels of support for the CDR format and can open .cdr files. Vector graphics inside CDR files can also be converted with several available converters into other formats (e.g., SVG).

The default association for the .cdr extension is Corel Draw (if installed).

Software to open or convert CDR files

You can open CDR files with the following programs: 

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