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What is the .DPS file type?

The primary association of the .dps extension belongs to the Kingsoft Presentation Document (DPS) file type and format. DPS is one of a series of proprietary formats developed by Kingsoft Software for their Kingsoft Office, a paid office productivity solution for Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and Android (free versions available).

A .dps file is a Kingsoft Office presentation document. It can include multiple slides with richly formatted text, embedded graphics and objects that can be displayed as a presentational slide show with transition effects. DPS presentations are often made on the basis of .dpt Kingsoft Office presentation templates.

Not compatible with any other office suite, .dps files can be opened and edited with any Kingsoft Office edition and/or exported into the MS Office PowerPoint (PPT) format.

Besides, the .dps extension also has to do with the DivX Player Skin (DPS) file type. DivX is a patented cross-platform video compression codec (DivX LLC), and DivX Player is a proprietary multi-format media player with native DivX support by the same company. DivX Player uses skins to change the look of its user's interface (UI), and a .dps file is a DivX Player skin. It is basically a ZIP archive with a different extension. A skin file (.dps) contains a set of PNG images and one XML-based skin definition file ("skin.dvl").

Additionally, the .dps extension is associated with the SPADE Application File (DPS) file type/format. SPADE (Stream Processing Application Declarative Engine) is used as an application development framework chiefly implemented through IBM's InfoSphere Streams Studio. A .dps file is a text-based file that contains source code of a SPADE application. DPS files are usually edited with the SPADE Application Editor, part of Streams Studio.

In the area of digital wireless communications, the .dps extension is used to denote Digital Pre-Distortion Settings (.dps) files that are used with the Digital Pre-Distortion Tool within Agilent Signal Studio. Agilent is a major developer and supplier of a whole range of wireless communications solutions, including the Signal Studio series of advanced waveform simulation and analysis tools. In this context, a .dps file contains a look-up table (LUT) to adjust the waveform shape of a digital signal.

In non-linear editing (NLE), the .dps extension is related to the DPS Velocity (DPS) multimedia file format. It is a proprietary Motion-JPEG (MJPEG)-based format developed by the former Leitch Technology Corp. for DPS Velocity, one of their Digital Processing Systems (DPS) high-end real-time video post-processing hardware and software solutions. Legacy DPS files can be read and processed with the later VelocityQ and VelocityHD, however for best performance, conversion into the newer LTV format is recommended.

Lastly, the .dps extension did previously occur in connection with the Ovation Pro Stylesheet (DPS) file type used with Ovation Pro, a paid desktop publishing software initially written for RISC OS and ported to MS Windows.

Software to open or convert DPS files

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