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What is the .ITF file type?

The .itf filename extension is primarily associated with the Sygic GPS Navigation Route (.itf) file type and format used by the Sygic GPS Navigation software (Android, Windows Phone, iOS) from Sygic. Sygic GPS Navigation allows to save its navigation routes as .itf files for later use. The .itf file represents a navigation route that connects a series of waypoints, either suggested automatically or custom-tailored by the user. Sygic GPS Navigation routes (.itf) can be converted to/from other GPS route formats using several converter tools.

Different versions of the Sygic GPS Navigation software use different variants of the .itf file format, so if converting from another format or GIS (e.g., Google Maps), the conversion target version must match the actual version. To be recognized by Sygic GPS Navigation and become accessible in its Favorites section, route files (.itf) must be placed into the "sdcard/Sygic/Res/itinerary" folder (Android).

The .itf extension also belongs to the BarOne for MySAP Label File (.itf) file type/format, with reference to BarOne for MySAP, a legacy software tool for generating Zebra label files (.itf) for the SAP environment. The .itf file represents a barcode label design described in ZPL (Zebra Programming Language), intended to be printed on compatible Zebra printers. Generated by BarOne for MySAP, the .itf file contains references to SAP variables, substituted with their values at the time of printing.

In the scope of INTERLIS-1, a Swiss (SN612031) and international standard for data exchange in geographical information systems (GIS), the .itf extension is associated with the INTERLIS-1 Data Transfer File (.itf) file type and format. Here, an .itf file contains unified geodata in the INTERLIS-1 format. Along with INTERLIS-1 model files (.ili), such .itf files can be directly imported and processed by several GIS applications. INTERLIS-2 files are designated with the .xtf extension.

In Team Fortress 2, an animation-styled multiplayer FPS (first-person shooter) game from Valve Corporation, the .itf extension is assigned to Itemtest configuration files. Saved under "../team fortress 2/tf/cfg/," such .itf files are used with the Itemtest testing map to quickly save and load weapon and item sets for game characters.

Besides, the .itf extension represents the Image Tuner File (.itf) file type used by Image Tuner, a freeware bitmap image manipulation tool for Microsoft Windows from Glorylogic. Here, the .itf file is a simple text-based list of image files with their full pathnames. Such files (.itf) are used for batch processing or conversion of bitmap images with Image Tuner.

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