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What is the .RT3 file type?

The filename extension .rt3 is primarily associated with the Transas Navigator Route (.rt3) file type/format. Transas Navigator (formerly, Tsunamis Navigator, Tsunamis'99) is Transas Marine's proprietary maritime navigation and course-plotting software. The .rt3 file is a Transas/Tsunamis Navigator route. It describes a set of georeferenced waypoints that make up a path for a vessel to follow when navigating. Routes (.rt3) are often used with user charts (.ai, formerly .cra). Transas Navigator routes (.rt3) cannot be directly used with other software, but they can be published to PDF or exported to other route formats using the Transas DataTool utility. Legacy Tsunamis'99 routes (.rte) can be converted into the latest route format (.rt3) using a free conversion utility provided by Transas. Allegedly, there are converters that can translate .rt3 routes into other formats understood by portable GPS devices.

Alternatively, the .rt3 extension denotes the RagTime 3 Document (.rt3) file type/format used by RagTime 3, an outdated version of the RagTime business publishing solution for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X from RagTime.de Development GmbH. The .rt3 file is a rich-content document that combines textual, graphic, spreadsheet, or other data in a proprietary format that was used by RagTime 3. Such legacy RagTime 3 documents (.rt3) can be opened in later RagTime versions, subject to automatic conversion as suggested by the software.

Software to open or convert RT3 files

You can open RT3 files with the following programs:
RagTime by RagTime.de Development GmbH
RISA-3D Standalone
RISA-3D Standalone by RISA Technologies, LLC
RISA-3D by RISA Technologies, Inc.
RISA-3D Demo
RISA-3D Demo by RISA Technologies, Inc.

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