DROPBOX File Extension

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What is the .DROPBOX file type?

The '.dropbox' is in fact not an extension but a filename, preceded with a dot symbol. Dotted filenames are common in Unix, MacOS, GNU/Linux and Linux-based Android and are normally used in configuration or settings files. Dotted filenames are treated as hidden and do not show in normal directory listings.

The '.dropbox' filename belongs to a plaintext file automatically created inside each directory designated as shared with the use of Dropbox, a popular multi-platform cloud storage and synchronization software and online service. A '.dropbox' file contains a numeric string, unique for that folder, the purpose of which is to track and distinguish different shared folders (even with the same names).

All '.dropbox' files are service files and not meant to be opened by the user. Deletion of a '.dropbox' file does not seem to affect the operation of Dropbox, and any such deleted file will be restored automatically next time the program is launched.

Along the same lines, the '.dropbox' entity can also appear as the name of a Dropbox configuration directory (normally, '~/.dropbox') in GNU/Linux, MacOS, Android etc. This '.dropbox' directory stores initial configuration settings and personal preferences for the Dropbox application.

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