HUP File Extension

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What is the .HUP file type?

An acronym for Haihaisoft Universal Player (HUP), the .hup filename extension is used to denote DRM-protected multimedia files, created locally by this software. Haihaisoft Universal Player is Microsoft Windows application developed by Haihaisoft to support the company's proprietary DRM-X content protection mechanism that is supposed to prevent unauthorized copying and viewing. There are four DRM-X versions, and playback of DRM-X 3.0 media files requires a different version of the player (Haihaisoft HUPlayer).

A .hup file is a copy-protected (encrypted) multimedia file. It is a DRM-X container created locally when protected content is purchased and delivered to the end user. The DRM-X wrapper contains unique customer ID and content purchase information, so that each .hup file can only be opened within the same user account that was initially used to purchase it. The actual multimedia data inside the .hup file is encrypted and inaccessible before a successful DRM check. With the DRM-X technology proprietary to Haihaisoft, .hup files can only be played on Windows using Haihaisoft Universal Player (DRM-X 1.0 and DRM-X 2.0) or Haihaisoft HUPlayer (DRM-X 3.0).


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