EC3 File Extension

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What is the .EC3 file type?

The .ec3 filename extension is primarily associated with the EPSON Print CD Document (EC3) file type and format. EPSON is a well-known Japanese trademark of ink-jet printers, scanners, and other devices that generally provide a very high level of image quality and color consistency. EPSON printers are usually provided with various bundled software, including EPSON Print CD, which allows to design and print custom graphical optical-disk (CD/DVD/BluRay) labels.

EC3 is a proprietary format used by EPSON Print CD, and an .ec3 file is a project file that stores an EPSON Print CD design. EC3 files can incorporate bitmap images. EC3 templates can be used as a starting point in creation of a new design. EC3 disk label designs can be directly printed onto optical disks by those EPSON printers that support this function, or saved as PDF or image files with the use of virtual PDF/image printer utilities.

Apart from that, the .ec3 extension can also refer to the Enhanced AC-3 audio format. Although formally incorrect, the ".ec3" designation is still used to denote audio files in the Dolby Digital Plus (DD+, Enhanced AC-3) format. Although the Enhanced AC-3 format significantly exceeds the AC-3 sound quality level, it is used much less frequently. EC3 audio files can be played by any media player that supports Dolby Digital Plus (DD+, Enhanced AC-3).

Software to open or convert EC3 files

You can open EC3 files with the following programs:
Adobe Audition CC
Adobe Audition CC by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Epson Print CD
Epson Print CD by Seiko Epson Corporation

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