MDB File Extension

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What is the .MDB file type?

The .mdb extension associates with the Microsoft Database (MDB) file format and file type. MDB is a proprietary relational database format introduced and developed by Microsoft (MS) in earlier versions (2003 and earlier) of MS Access, part of MS Office. MDB is a binary container database format, also known as JET for Joint Engine Technology.

An MDB database can be viewed as a large container that stores the database engine together with user data in a single file. Thus, an .mdb file is an MS Access relational database file with an embedded JET engine. MDB databases are standalone entities and contain all database resources inside a single .mdb file.

MDB databases are natively supported by MS Access and can also be converted into other database formats as well as imported into other office suites. Various file viewers are available to view/convert .mdb databases without the need for a full-fledged office suite.

JET-based .mdb databases are mainly supported under Windows, and the .mdb extension is linked to MS Access (if installed) by default.

Alternatively, the .mdb extension can be associated with media assets database files created and used by various Avid non-linear video editing products. Such MDB files serve as collective caches of media clips used in a project, indexed for faster processing.

Software to open or convert MDB files

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