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What is the .LAYOUT file type?

The .layout extension is primarily associated with the SketchUp LayOut Document (LAYOUT) file type. SketchUp Pro is a powerful yet easy-to-use commercial 3D modeling software product by Trimble Navigation Ltd. (initially, Google), with a free limited version available. SketchUp Pro allows to create complex 3D building, interior and other designs, while the LayOut editor is used to prepare drawings and/or final design presentations.

A .layout file is a LayOut project—basically a ZIP archive with a directory structure containing several .xml files and preview images (.png). LayOut projects are usually used for design presentations and/or layout schematics, using SketchUp models that can be added to such projects.

In Adobe Premiere, a professional non-linear video authoring suite by Adobe, the .layout extension is used to label workspace layout files that store custom GUI setups. Such LAYOUT files are simple text files with XML-based content—they can also have the .xml extension.

Within ColorBurst Overdrive, a commercial inkjet printing studio for Windows/Mac OS by CSE, Inc., the .layout extension gets associated with the Overdrive Printing Layout (LAYOUT) file type/format. A .layout file is an Overdrive project file that references all images included in the project and contains color correction, cropping, position and other data. Such LAYOUT files can be opened in Overdrive and printed with the Overdrive Layout utility.

The open-source GUI-based document processing application LyX (TeX/LaTeX-based, multi-platform) uses the .layout extension to identify LyX document classes (templates). LyX focuses on authoring semantically structured text, while .layout class files are used to render proper formatting. LAYOUT files are simple text files that use the TeX/LaTeX syntax. A number of layouts are provided with LyX.

In the scope of CEGUI (Crazy Eddie's GUI), an open-source visual interface library for game developers, the .layout extension belongs to XML-based interface element layout files (.layout). Together with .imageset and .scheme files, such plaintext files define the GUI structure and look. CEGUI .layout files are best edited with CEGUI LayoutEditor.

With reference to the DVD Studio Pro authoring application (Mac OS), the .layout extension is assigned to temporary project layout files (.layout) created in the VIDEO_TS directory of a DVD project and automatically deleted before burning onto optical media.

Within Oracle Weblogic Portal—an enterprise-level web portal development solution by Oracle, Inc.—the .layout extension serves to denote portal layout files (.layout). Such plaintext files contain XML code that defines the portal's controls and are basically portal layout templates.

With the Torchlight/Torchlight II MMORPG game titles by Runic Games, the .layout extension is assigned to text-based layout data files that control position and behavior logic of various game objects: from levels and particle systems to the user GUI.

Another instance of the .layout extension relates to the TrueCafe Internet cafe administration software (MS Windows), which uses .layout files as client ticket templates ('tickets.layout' by default).

Software to open or convert LAYOUT files

You can open LAYOUT files with the following programs:
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe Premiere Pro CC by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Premiere Elements
Adobe Premiere Elements by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 by Adobe Systems Incorporated

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