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What is the .FIL file type?

The .fil extension is mainly tied up with the AVG Vault File (FIL) format and file type. AVG is a general name of series of antivirus products for Windows/Linux/Android developed and marketed by AVG Technologies. AVG products use a concept of a vault as a quarantined storage place to store suspicious files.

FIL files are any files placed in the AVG vault (a hidden directory with restricted access monitored by a resident AVG program, usually 'C:\$AVG\$VAULT' in Windows) in an encrypted form, with their original extensions changed to .fil. AVG would keep track of the original filenames and location paths of all vaulted files. AVG .fil files cannot be executed in any way.

Any FIL files in the AVG vault can be safely deleted either from within AVG (may be affected by a known AVG bug), or manually in the vault's directory. The .fil extension may have other associations in Windows, so to avoid confusion AVG does not associate the .fil extension to itself.

The .fil filename extension can be occasionally related to the WordPerfect Overlay format and the FIL file type. FIL files are used in WordPerfect, a commercial office suite by Corel, Inc., to store overlay data.

In corporate data management, the .fil extension can be linked to data files created and used by the proprietary enterprise-level ACL data gathering, analysis and monitoring software developed by ACL Services Ltd.

The .fil extension can also be associated with data files (FIL) created and used by Nemetschek Allplan, a commercial CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and BIM (Building Information Modeling) software product by Nemetschek Allplan Deutschland GmbH.

Software to open or convert FIL files

You can open FIL files with the following programs:
Allplan by Allplan GmbH
Cardbox by Cardbox Software Limited

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