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What is the .ZXP file type?

The filename suffix .zxp has its primary association with the Adobe Extension Manager Package (.zxp) file type. Adobe Extension Manager is available in different versions from Adobe Systems as an official tool for managing functionality extensions in Adobe software. Since CC 2015, Adobe Extension Manager has been deprecated and replaced with the Creative Cloud Desktop application. A .zxp file is an extension package for an Adobe software product such as Adobe Photoshop or other. It is a ZIP archive containing an XML control file (.mxi) and the extension's program code, along with any resources or assets required for it to run. Regular extensions (CS6 and earlier) are different from Creative Cloud extensions in that the latter must be digitally signed. ZXP extension packages can be installed either automatically using an appropriate version of Adobe Extension Manager (CS6 or CC) or manually by extracting the contents of the .zxp archive and copying it directly to the required folder (e.g., "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions\" on Microsoft Windows).

Alternatively, the .zxp extension represents the Zaxwerks 3D Invigorator Scene (.zxp) file type, with reference to 3D Invigorator, a paid 3D effect creation tool for video by Zaxwerks, Inc. 3D Invigorator scenes are saved as .zxp files using Zaxwerks' proprietary file format. Such a scene (.zxp) can be opened back in 3D Invigorator for further editing and re-saving.

Software to open or convert ZXP files

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