SFV File Extension

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What is the .SFV file type?

The .sfv extension refers to the Simple File Verification (SFV) format and is associated with SFV files. The purpose behind the SFV format is to provide a convenient and quick way to check integrity of user files and detect data corruption.

An .sfv file is a plaintext file that stores filenames together with pre-calculated 32-bit Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC32) checksums. The key point is to calculate a CRC32 checksum of the file in question and compare it to the CRC32 entry stored in the corresponding .sfv file. A mismatch would be proof of corruption and/or tampering. A match, however, cannot be proof of authenticity of the file.

The CRC32 algorithm is weaker than MD5 and SHA-1, but it is much less taxing in terms of computational power required. CRC32-based SFV checksum files are quite a popular way to ensure integrity of files received from a network or on a removable medium.

Although an .sfv file can be directly created, viewed and modified by the user, many utilities are available to automate SFV integrity checks.

Software to open or convert SFV files

You can open SFV files with the following programs:
TeraCopy by Code Sector
TeraCopy by Code Sector Inc.
QuickPar by Peter B. Clements
TeraCopy alpha
TeraCopy alpha by Code Sector

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