RTMP File Extension

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What is the .RTMP file type?

The .rtmp file extension primarily denotes the RTMP Stream Data file format associated with Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), a TCP-based protocol created by Macromedia (now owned by Adobe) for streaming media data online. Being initially developed for the Adobe Flash software platform, RTMP is now implemented in many other IT products and technologies due to its open specification.

Here, .rtmp files are used to deliver on-demand and live media data from RTMP servers, such as video recorded in the H.264 and FLV formats and audio in the AAC (M4A) and MP3 formats. The RTMP Stream Data format is supported by Adobe Flash applications and other third party multimedia players such as VLC Media Player or JRiver Media Center.

In addition, the .rtmp file extension was also used to define report template files created for some Silverware Software tracking applications, such as MileTracker, TimeTracker, and BizXpenseTracker (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch). These RTMP reports could be imported and opened in the Silverware Software app they were intended for.

Software to open or convert RTMP files

You can open RTMP files with the following programs:
JRiver Media Center
JRiver Media Center by JRiver, Inc.
JRiver Media Center
JRiver Media Center by J. River, Inc.
WinCDEmu by Sysprogs

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