FLC File Extension

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What is the .FLC file type?

Along with several other filename suffixes (.fli, .flx, .cel), the .flc extension represents the FLIC Animation file type and format. FLIC is an old format for animated graphic images, initially developed by Jim Kent for Autodesk Animator (MS-DOS). There are two main FLIC variants: the older low-resolution version (.fli), and the newer one (.flc), enhanced with configurable resolution and better data compression (RLE). Several further extensions of the newer FLC format would use the .flx suffix.

A FLIC file (.fli, .flc) stores a sequence of frames with graphic images, labels, or palettes. Frames are displayed in a looped sequence, producing a seamlessly repeated animation effect. Since each consecutive frame stores only what is different from the previous one, FLIC is considered fast and efficient. FLIC animations were often used in computer games (e.g., Civilization III) to represent units' actions.

In addition to a few multimedia players on different platforms that can open and display FLIC (.fli, .flc) animations, there are several converters capable of transforming FLIC sequences into other simple animation formats, like GIF.

Software to open or convert FLC files

You can open FLC files with the following programs:
KMPlayer by PandoraTV
Total Video Converter
Total Video Converter by EffectMatrix Inc.
AVS Media Player
AVS Media Player by Online Media Technologies Ltd.

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