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What is the .BIK file type?

The .bik filename extension belongs to the Bink Video File (BIK) file type and format. Bink is the name of a private multimedia container format devised by RAD Game Tools specifically for video game developers. An all-in-one multimedia compression solution, binding its own container format with own audio/video codec specifications, Bink is currently used in a large number of video games on more than a dozen gaming platforms.

A .bik file is a digital video file, a Bink container with compressed audio and video data. Most commonly, it is an in-game video sequence, the playback of which is triggered by certain events—an introduction ("Intro.bik"), a plot-supporting or level-end movie, etc.

BIK videos cannot be directly played by general-purpose media players, as playback of .bik files requires the presence of the Bink decoder library. RAD Game Tools provides a set of tools (RAD Video Tools) to handle the BIK format, from simple playback to authoring and encoding. Apart from the official RAD Video Tools, a number of third-party Bink (.bik) players and converters are available on the Internet.

Software to open or convert BIK files

You can open BIK files with the following programs:
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
5KPlayer by DearMob, Inc.
ALLPlayer V6.X
ALLPlayer V6.X by ALLPlayer Group, Ltd.

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