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What is the .XHT file type?

The .xht extension is expressly associated with the XHTML (Extended Hypertext Markup Language) file type. XHTML is a structured markup language that has the status of a W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Recommendation (latest version 1.1). XHTML is very similar to HTML but has a more stringent XML-like syntax.

An .xht file is a plaintext file in the UTF-8 encoding by default, containing a complete source code of an XHTML web document. XHT files are readable and editable with any Unicode-enabled text editor. XHTML documents (.xht) are understood and can be correctly opened with any modern web browser (except MS Internet Explorer 8 and earlier).

Unlike HTML web pages ('text/html'), XHTML documents are served with the 'application/xhtml+xml' MIME type, processed with an XHTML/XML parser and undergo a strict syntax check when opened. Any syntax error in an .xht file would cause the parsing to abort with an error message.

When opened locally with a browser, an .xht file would be treated as XHTML by its extension. Manually changing the extension to .htm[l] allows to view an XHTML document in the HTML mode with all syntax errors ignored.

Software to open or convert XHT files

You can open XHT files with the following programs:
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox by Mozilla
Google Chrome
Google Chrome by Google Inc.
Cốc Cốc
Cốc Cốc by Đơn vị chủ quản Cốc Cốc

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