FLIPCHART File Extension

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What is the .FLIPCHART file type?

The .flipchart extension belongs to the Promethean Flipchart (.flipchart) file format/type. It is a proprietary binary format developed by Promethean Ltd., a provider of interactive whiteboard solutions, for interactive lesson materials to be used with such whiteboards in educational environments (schools). The FLIPCHART format is supported by all Promethean applications of the Activ- series (ActivInspire, ActivStudio, and ActivPrimary).

A .flipchart file is a representation of interactive lesson materials on a given subject arranged in accordance with the classroom teaching plan. Such flipcharts can be thought of as concise visually appealing summaries of what is being taught in the class.

The .flipchart file type is automatically associated with the Promethean software in the course of its installation. Besides the Activ- series, any .flipchart file can be opened for viewing by the freeware Flipchart Viewer tool, available from Promethean. Unlike .flp files used by older versions of Promethean software, .flipchart files cannot be opened as regular ZIP archives.

Software to open or convert FLIPCHART files

You can open FLIPCHART files with the following programs:
ActivInspire by Promethean
ActivInspire Help (FRA)
ActivInspire Help (USA)
ActivInspire Help (GBR)
ActivInspire Help (DEU)

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