WMD File Extension

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What is the .WMD file type?

WMD is an acronym of 'Windows Media Download,' which is the file type primarily associated with the .wmd extension. WMD is used specifically by Microsoft (MS) Windows Media Player (WMP) as a technology for packaged media distribution.

A WMD file is a ZIP archive with the .wmd extension. The archive usually contains a border (skin) definition for WMP inside a .wmz (Windows Media Zipped) file along with a plaintext Windows Media metafile (.asx) that controls behavior of the whole package and an arbitrary number of actual media files, all placed at the archive's root.

WMD packages are designed to deliver payload media content in a single-click way. When a link to a .wmd package is clicked upon in a web browser, Windows tries to automatically download the package, extract its contents to the default folder, read the package-control .asx file to create a playlist, apply the contained border (skin) and launch the playlist for playback.

WMD packages are used for video commercials, demos and presentations. WMD is pre-associated with WMP in Windows by default.

Alternatively, the .wmd extension can be associated with the proprietary WeaveMaker Dobby (WMD) file type and format. WeaveMaker is a commercial tool for professional/hobbyist weaving design and automated loom control by Designer Software LLC. WeaveMaker uses WMD as its default saving format.

A .wmd file is a binary project-type file that stores all programmed dobby patterns, yarn type/color, treadling, peg plans etc. WeaveMaker associates itself with the .wmd extension.

Software to open or convert WMD files

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